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>> i'm ready. craig: i'm sorry, i threw the phone. will have laugh >> what else? craig: paula's name suspect spats. it's paula. sean connery doesn't live in the bahamas, except he does. and anything else? >> no. don't you say like what's coming up or something? craig: oh, for heaven's sake m what's coming up? boneer pill commercials. what's coming up? boneer pill commercials. good night, everybody.,,,,,,,,,,
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he's screaming microfauna said my girlfriend is dead. a fight inside a party bus ends with two women spilling onto the highway the witnesses who tried to hide in the bushes in the company's history of violations. suing over a c +? but these bay area mom says it's not just about the great white he says her son's teacher niece who taught a lesson. did waste they needed him home there's just one problem. the phenomenon known as black dog syndrome. white
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makes adoption so difficult. why one photographer hopes to change that. good evening am thinking. degrees tonight's the chp is hoping that someone will come aboard to shed little light on the life of a young woman who is writing a party bus last week 25 year-old this house and all in died with a fight with another woman as the bus drove down highway 17 in moscow knows reporter kiddo tells us police know there are witnesses but no one wants to talk. dear waves said there were drugs going on. says the woman to be around how we 17. seven back to the chp says it's costanoans will tumble out the door of a party boss and was run over and killed by the same bus. they saw the victims boyfriends who is willing and in tears. still awaits wherein and tim and you just said she said
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she's dead the chp says this the other woman suffered cuts and bruises and a confessed they'd been doing more than just drinking. she said my daughter they were on cocaine and its malis. i think it's ecstasy. we do know that it is talking tantalus people on the scene most intoxicated. said helping attached is a few the passenger's actually fled the scene and tried to hide in the bushes the case is the highest priority for the chp says they office the problem is no one is talking. the third person was on the bus knows exactly what happens to like another story and since they're not giving us their story is hard pressed the pieces together it's hard to increase the company for years a loophole allowed party bus operators look the other way when customers party on board
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assemblyman jerry hellespont to the bill is awaiting approval in the senate's bill would make the driver responsible for under age drinkers in the receipt required if those 25 years old to give responsibility for everyone on board. had it occurred to earlier could prevent occurred and the state find the part of us $4,500 for operating with a suspended license not have a worker's comp insurance and not drug testing employees as far as this case goes it is unclear who will face charges between the company and the other woman live in san as a kid does cbs five. the mother of the otherwise a students use because their son got a bad grade in high school chemistry class a mom blames the teacher and says she has now filed a fedel lawsuit against the albany school districts reporter kristin harris spoke with the mom and students about why they
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won't let a c plus pass. looking in his 4.6 grade when average you'd think school comes easy to poland that bed. alistair fraser his mother says nothing is come easy they adopted an actor is born to drug addicts. she is born addicted to. they're encouraged to withdraw the first five months of his life. his battled learning disabilities that this is not a story about those battles it is about a battle in the last places a student ever expect to have one that is high school. it first started with an adoption from ims sister. it happened on a david cone was supposed to complete the chemistry lab he says yes his teachers to make up the lab later. that's partly ok. the when you return the next cool day he says carlotta change your minds. did waves she says administrators promised they could make up the lab instead
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bowen says ollie got was the wrath of his teacher. equates to send no was the mother i know was you. adapted the school administration had made up that ladder. she fell bone on his lab dropping him from a plus receive less. it is a violation she now says in a lawsuit of education code but in a letter they say the superintendents and eye makeup days saying my rationale for the denial is that is gives unfair advantage for one students to make up credit miss a prior year. he equates this is about the great it's about standing up for some and it is wrong. equates he has since transferred to berkeley high everyone talks the chemistry teacher miss carr locke issues that sound we as a districtwide and is said to a personal matter in albany cbs five. a state senator is trying to get $30
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million back for the new 49 stadium she is used a bill that would allocates disputes redevelopment funds for that projects the cash has been in limbo since the governor does alter development agencies last year the county decided to use the $30 million for schools meanwhile today construction crews put up the first steel beams for the new stadium its total estimated cost more than $1 billion. did waves if you didn't think it could get any worse long commuting near union square got even more chaotic day for drivers. crews working on a new central subway projects closed stockton street opening. dallas reporter elizabeth cook says that drivers can expect delays for years. five years to be exact. crews have been working on the east end of the square for about a year now buds today was day one of the
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stockton street construction between gary and ellis as you said an expected to last five years the central subway projects all part of the $1.6 billion many projects to build an underground subway from chinatown's union square that is expected to be completed by 2017 and up and running by 2019 we spoke to a man named bill to buy who is being forced to make his to do this farce in across the street he says he is one of the lucky ones. let think they're probably going to like it. ensure all that's being for the subway is going to cause some vibrations for him and some ways people may want to avoid guy up the street. now to help make up for the closer grants which is normally one way street to an all-out both planes that traffic in both directions. good news is during the holidays as construction projects will halts and allow traffic to go through that and is the right things giving day and go through new year's day.
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live in san francisco's with coke cbs five. also tonight james holmes officially faces charges for the call out a movie theater massacre 142 criminal counts in total homes the stairs straight ahead an court as the prosecutors charged him with 12 counts of first-degree murder. an additional 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference the only spoke the word yeah look. wendy todd adds that he waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days in the audience victims and family members sat and watched. it is very important to come today to see him. and so there was a lot of anger. holmes could face the death penalty if he is convicted experts expect spent his lawyers will pursue an insanity defense. campaign 2012 now with 100 days to go in the presidential election is a statistical dead heat the latest
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gallup poll shows president up, and the rodney tied it 46% tonight to run the campaign is trying to recover from the canada's latest diplomatic fumble. first the brits felt insulted over his comments about the olympics now palestinians are outraged reporter james crawford with what he said this time. uruguay's rummies welcomed to poland by senior leaders in solidarity legends was overshadowed by remarks he made it fund-raiser which is closed to cameras before he left israel. he told major donors that is really closer helps explain why they're more economically successful than in neighboring palestinians. it is a dramatic stars difference in economic vitality said and that is also between other countries that are in your next to each other. mexico and the united states. culture makes all the difference and as i come here and look out over the city and consider the accomplishments of
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the people of this nation i recognize the power of the least culture and a few other things. ronnie referring to the work of a prominent targets historian has repeatedly made similar remarks in the campaign trail. culture makes all the difference. not natural resources not geography but what people believe and what they value. but that infuriated palestinian leaders said ronnie failed to take into account the impact of israel's trade restrictions on the west bank and the unreliability of the gaza border with egypt. armey also sharply understated the gulf between israel's gdp and that of the palestinians he said it was 21,000 to 10,000. the world bank says it was 31,000 to 1500. it is essentially endorsed a with a trade union movements distance itself from ron is this is saying he supported a tax on
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unions back in the united states. dan crawford cbs news were sought poland's. did we have done kids and my bills keep going up. the trickle down costs of the governor's water tunnel plan how much more you could have to pay to turn on the top. the bars could put one man behind bars for a very long time the desire bus at california airports. did we for months and months and no hits on the mistakes. is known as black dogs and jim carey was others have so much trouble adopting these,,,,,
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you in the bay area will have to pay more for water as the governor gets his way. he wants to feed water from the tulsa antelope there is low when how much your bill it could go up. the delta as liquid gold is destined for the central valley. in places in between. in million knows how much the twin delta plan will cost to build and maintain that the initial estimate is $14 billion and will be paid for by water users. and not the bay area's mistake and according to water directors to
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use a different matter than the rest of us. in terms of the state water projects southern california starts at the delta. and so were part of southern california. and many more reliable water system that isn't at the mercy of tells the levees and state regulatory a result and will provide customers is not about the others it's about us. we cannot maintain their current s quality of life here describe, or we have a highet population of an imported water. people living in fremont and newark kenyan city dublin pleasanton livermore and all 15 cities in santa clara county. about 40 percent of the santa clara water district's water comes from the delta of surrey nearly 2 million people expect to see monthly water bills go up $5 a month in alimony county's own seven letter will be attending a monthly hike.
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what to think about that? the what all the other bills and have this kind of room is this plan in necessity there are many many critics who don't like this design and will be fighting of the next few months in dublin cbs five. it is our drug bust a loss angeles international airport authority say they caught in eggs navy police officer trying to smuggle meth to tokyo on hidden in candy bars. federal agents during routine baggage inspections found 45 full-size snicker bars inside the man's luggage. each bar was coated in a chocolate like substance to make it look like a candy bar. but as to build a so-called candy contains meth. after reviewing his documents he had purchased acidic doubleday's the for that for cash and he was only going to say a couple days. the man says he is traveling to japan, the visit his girlfriend-in hong
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kong and was puzzled authorities said there were too it replaces. we like to think that all adds up for adoption of a fighting chance for new homes will it turns out a lot of dogs and cats are born with a where you might call a disadvantage. it's not their size of their breed reporter crazily explains why the color of their coats off and gets them passover. debt waves claimant on the lighting the flickering fluorescence or maybe something imbedded deep in our subconscious for some reason whenever to dog's one dark and one place the black saab is less likely to get adopted says jennifer muley jamison and animal rescuer. i would go to shelters and see black animals that been there for months and months with no takers. nothing not even a black and will be adopted a return to. it's called black dog syndrome jamison says not only are they less adoptable she
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estimates that most shelters euthanize three times more black dogs and cats than lighter colored ones. it's wise to hold small adoption events for new pararescue nonprofits called the blue buckaroo she named it after a legendary scary black dog. did waves people in the blaze did surrender kids with the way our parents threatened us with the man if you don't lead to better put to sleep they'll get you. it's dedicated just a black animals. depended upon is of very they're more like animals there waiting to be adopted or there aren't any because when a shelter especially municipal shelter has to euthanize for rooms to bring new animals in they will scoop up the black ones first and euthanize them. did waves why? because they're hard place. what might be might be hurting their chances you more as bad marketing darker animals are harder to photograph with so many people looking online a bad
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picture could doom a potentially great pets. diddley's jazzy fried is a professional staff photographer and he says he has heard a black dog syndrome. these are darker people think that there obviously she is a black dog and so sweet. i don't photograph from above and some serious in their face and if so comfortable. adding that creates a little more intimacy. he recommends using natural light in this case it pocket of shade and a flash. and while there were a few missteps he found the perfect pose for candy and shepherd mix who lost her front
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legs after a car hit her. he even managed to capture press in a spirit of cocker spaniel. from their original picture and to their phone no from indoors to the outdoors with a dash of personality taking a dog out of the sheltered backgrounds can make all the difference. someone will find your home soon. grizzlies cbs five. less certainly has been the dog days of summer and some not only do we have one baseball game in town tonight but we had need and we're in =er,,,,,,,,,,
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speaking at the bill lacks in
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davis moon will sell in the that blanket of clouds temperatures 50 to 56 degrees when dialing back meanwhile your future cast does suggest that we will see the redevelopment's of a very shallow depth of low clouds and fog there is the morning commute the clouds to spring tide with sam's help coast and filling in their run in the afternoon hours in his usual prone areas around the central day back into the golden gate bridge as well. now meanwhile we will continue to be under the influence of a strengthening ridge of high pressure sell even though we will wake up tomorrow with a deck of clouds will have some sunshine and you barely notice the difference of the cooling and our inland areas high- pressure well in demand will continue to say but said all week long. small as high as 56 is the beach is just a couple degrees cooler along the peninsula 89 degrees in sunnyvale woman onto south and in gilroy. we still have the northwest to northwesterly wind
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late day east of the pale lips 95 degrees for the warmest locations extremely dry conditions into the teens and 90 degrees in santa rosa extended forecast does call for a repeat performance on wednesday and is coming back up again on thursday. dennis in baseball. there burning the midni,,,, the giants were in
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search of runs money 22 inning scoreless streak the longest and at&t park history. andres resolution to the mets. giants reported to the need sergio plants it plans into the bleachers tiny game and that was blowing it for madison baumgartner there. they had a beating the giants in the ninth in the west side tied the game up with six. but in the 10th inning harrison strikes again a solo shot in santiago is how
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this second multi home run game of the giants were harrison said the giants now have a season- high losing streak of five games. . meanwhile across the bridge david price on the mound for the race against the a's in the seventh bread and cakes goes the other way for a home run off price which tied the game at 3 and that there is a third home run of the season. let's go into the night in the bottom the bases were loaded in the a's struck out 19 times so far tonight this game remains tied in the 13th inning and will update you. the song remains the same but the raiders are singing a different tune with the new head coach dennis allen and practice began today and not the on the the first defensive minded head coach of john madden. we had the head coaching a
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defensive meeting is guys tend to pay attention a lot more than you can disappear see a lot more. the month in a top five: target practice for hay says montero tony month also was ok and the mariners beat the blue jays tonight and by the way they traded their legally to the dodgers. when a sign came up the poor guy had to do it again. good news he expected. i never take say be by raise patrick j. mckee to get your hands on the comeback. the twins and white sox no. 2. we traded a trader alex rios for my fantasy team last night and tonight the rod that canard spot of a home run. don't let is no more on a golf course. david ferry be is line on the grounds that is john daly
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with a ball off his mouth he held the tea between his teeth john daly ladies and gentlemen. he was steady. but do not have that at home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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